4th grade Kansas State

Our 4th graders tour Kansas state for two days.  They start their trip by visiting the capital Topeka and tour the Capitol.  Then they head of to visit very important sites around the state.


5th Grade Exchange City Trip

Exchange City is a miniature city made up of fourteen businesses that come to life when fifth grade students throughout the Kansas City area take on the role of business entrepreneurs and civic leaders who work together to create a metropolis. It provides learning opportunities for students to make effective decisions as consumers, producers, savers, investors, and citizens. It also provides an opportunity for students to collaborate and problem solve in an authentic business environment. This real-world experience fosters active learning through an integrated math/communication arts curriculum that is aligned with Kansas State Standards.

6th – 8th Grade Outdoor Education Trip

The middle school grades travel to Heit’s Point Lutheran Camp in Lincoln, MO for a two day Outdoor Education trip. Our student will be immersed in a science lesson they will remember!  Outdoor education camps provide so much more than inquiry-based science lessons.  Our students are encouraged to work together, strengthen their leadership skills, and learn the value of community. They will be building a shelter area, learning about crabs, and making s’mores.

8th Grade Class Trip

This 3 or 4 day trip, designed to blend educational enjoyment and spiritual growth, provides an opportunity for the 7th and 8th graders to experience the excitement and pace of a larger, urban environment while under the guidance of Christian leaders who are familiar with the city.